If you're in the northeastern US and having troubles hitting up the internets or email from your phone, don't chuck it at the wall—a whole bunch of users are reporting that AT&T's data network is down and out this morning, which has been confirmed to many by AT&T tech support. If you're having problems (or if it's actually fixed), let us know. Update: Down in NY for us, as well as some readers. Also out: Boston, Philly, Washington, D.C., Chicago, St. Louis. Another said AT&T told him the outage was nationwide. If you call up AT&T and complain (here's some numbers to get started), you might be able to snag a sweet account credit of $10-$20, as some commenters have. YMMV. Update 2: Official word from AT&T is in.

There was a routing issue affecting some wireless data use in the Northeast region. AT&T technicians determined the cause and restored service at 11:56 a.m. EDT. Voice calling, text messaging and BlackBerry email were unaffected.


On our end in NY, with full bars and fresh off a restart, the data connection is technically alive again, but really, not so much—it's so slow it's still dead for all actual intents and purposes. How's it on your end? [AT&T Forums - Thanks Jack!, Twitter Search, Apple Forums]