AT&T Document Reveals Several Launch Dates: BlackBerry Bold Pushed to November

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According to an AT&T product sheet obtained by BGR, the Blackberry Bold has been pushed back to November despite several bits of evidence stating that it would be released in October. That issue right there may or may not put the validity of the rest of this information in question, but if you are curious to know the possible release dates for phones like the HTC Fuze and Samsung Mirage i907, read on.

•HTC Fuze will launch on October 23nd •Motorola V9x (new V9 with GPS) launches on October 2nd •Samsung Mirage i907 (basically our version of the Omnia) launches on October 21st •Pantech C740 in red, navy, and green launches on October 14th •Nokia 6650 launches in red and silver on October 23rd •BlackBerry 8320 in that totally cool color launches on October 21st •BlackBerry Pearl in pink launches on October 2nd •The BlackBerry Curve in "burnt orange" is pushed to "2009″. •The regular BlackBerry Curve is discontinued •The Palm Treo 680s are discontinued