Leaked AT&T Press Release Confirms AT&T BlackBerry Bold in Oct. for $299, Godawful PR Writers

Illustration for article titled Leaked ATT Press Release Confirms ATT BlackBerry Bold in Oct. for $299, Godawful PR Writers

Holding out hope the BlackBerry Bold might squeak out this month after all? Get ready to wipe your tears on the not-tacky-fake-leather back of your current BlackBerry, Boy Genius has picked up a draft of AT&T's press release announcing the BlackBerry Bold: "AT&T Celebrates 'Octoberfast' With Debut of BlackBerry Bold." Don't worry, I've already told our AT&T PR dude that's like the most tragically, eye-stabbingly stupid pun I've ever seen. Since it's a draft, and they haven't even set the exact day, they should have time to change it. But the $299 price is set, like we heard. [BGR]

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