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Rumors of an impending AT&T/eMusic tag team for an over-the-air music store were true: The eMusic Mobile store will be stocked with 2.7 million songs in delicious DRM-free MP3. Better yet, not only do tracks download directly to your phone, a second copy is sent straight to your computer. Not so delicious:


The price, at $7.49 per five-pack plus data charges ("AT&T strongly recommends an unlimited data plan before previewing tracks"), and the so-far small number of supported handsets, which are Samsung's a717, a727, "new versions" of the SYNC and the Nokia N75, with "many to be added in the future."

Curiously (or maybe not so curiously) absent is the iPhone, given that it's an actual music phone and Steve-o's all about DRM-hate nowadays. "Meh" pricing and limited handset support aside, however, an over-the-air, DRM-free store is definitely a step in the right direction for mobile music. It would just be more right if it was cheaper. [Press Release]