AT&T First Android Phone HTC Lancaster Leaked

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Engadget apparently hit upon the motherload of AT&T powerpoints: Slides detailing the Palm Eos, a new HP iPaq and probably most thrilling, HTC Lancaster (aka the Android phone we've been waiting for).

I've always wondered what Android would be like on a Touch Pro, that's basically Lancaster. There is the dreary little note that "Initial Lab Entry dates were based on Google Mobile Services (GMS) UI, AT&T standard UI has been requested, which puts schedule in question" meaning AT&T could muck it up with their own UI, and take longer putting out the phone in the process. Its target date is Aug. 3, and it'll be AT&T-exclusive for six months it looks like. Update: Oops, didn't notice at first the screen resolution is a bit too squee for our tastes (240x320). Bummer.


The Palm Eos slide basically just confirms everything from before: emaciated WebOS phone with 4GB storage and AT&T all over it.


Update: Oh look, a whole bunch of BlackBerrys are now confirmed for AT&T too—Onyx, Gemini, Magnum and a 3G Pearl.


AT&T's fall lineup is looking pretty unassailable at this point: With iPhone 3, a WebOS phone, and a solid Android piece, all of their bases are covered, with the exception of a touchscreen BlackBerry, but um, who really wants one of those now? Good thing AT&T's network blows, since the other carriers have their work cut out for them. [Engadget]