AT&T Limiting iPhones to ONE Per Customer, No Cash or Checks

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AT&T just sent out an internal memo to its employees today limiting all iPhone purchases to one per customer—down from a previous three—and making everyone pay with credit cards or debit cards. Do they want to make their stock last until the 3G iPhone is out? Probably, since people who buy more than one are usually not regular guys who just wants to use the phone for themselves. [Apple Insider]


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I'm sorry. With contract, the iPhones were $400.

As far as AT&T 3g infrastructure, it did exist because I owned a Blackjack II that took advantage of it.

Third - I never got around to purchasing a $100+ GPS for my car since my Blackjack II had a built in GPS. I made the switch to the Blackberry because it was easier to use PUSH and other features with my job. Also, the interface on the BB is pretty intuitive as well. I may not be able to manipulate the screen with my finger, but I prefer not smudging it with my hands anyway. Besides, the trackball works very well.

And there was nothing that I was not able to do on my BB upon using it that very first time. Right away I transfered my pictures/movies/music to my SDHC memory card and slapped it in. BB Media Player played it all. I use my built in GPS all the time. I am also running OS 4.5 (albeit a beta version I downloaded) and am very happy with the phone's stability, features and GUI. Also, the BB is EXTREMELY customizable. I can load any theme to it, including an iPhone look-alike. I can select what icons I want displayed on the front screen, like the iPhone. I can browse the internet, listen to music, watch movies, view pictures, schedule my day, use e-mail take pictures and send them through MMS (which the current iPhone CANNOT DO), and more. And the BB also has a wonderful, built-in help feature should anything be confusing (which, I have found to be moot anyway).

Now, I think I will upgrade to the BOLD as it includes 3G and WIFI. I use wifi on my Axim PDA often as I have family overseas and prefer to use Skype to make phone calls. Now that the BOLD has GPS, WIFI, Camera and all the other features of a BB, I could not be happier.

But one comment you made still makes me upset. Most people are not "desensitized" by years of working with Windows. Comparing the OS of a PC/Mac to the interface of a phone is not a completely analogous. Those who use PCs and MACs more often become familiar with a system and how it works. It was not until recently that more users started to incorporate MACs into their purchasing considerations due to the use of Intel chips in Mac Machines. This advent made it possible, if one wanted, to use Windows in conjunction with Mac OS. Suddenly, the market expanded past artist/designer to home user and student (and dare I say business professional). Windows XP has been around for nearly 10 years and has revolutionized the way Windows users operate their machines. It is an extremely stable, capable platform. If users wanted a more "intuitive and simple" interface, more users would have used Mac OS in years past. There just has not been a large market for the OS or its constituents.

But Apple, through effective marketing, has been able to capture the interests of many people. Its clean designs have intrigued many to consider products other than computers. But I attribute the "success" of the iPhone not to its interface (which can be mimicked), or its intuitiveness (which is relative), but to MARKETING. MARKETING is the number one reason why a person buys a product. Apple missed the mark on iPhone v 1.0. End user consumers wanted a way to send picture messages, wanted a fast OTA network, and a price point that was appealing. Apple, through effective consumer analysis, now attempts to address these concerns in the marketing of its new product.

Nothing more, and nothing less.

(P.S. - Blackberries, HTC devices and Nokia phones have all had wonderful, intuitive, and pleasing interfaces. I have not heard many Nokia users complain about Symbian nor have I heard many BB users complain about their devices).