AT&T Starting WP7 Mango Updates Next Week?

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We've all been waiting for some beautiful tiled Microsoft fruit salad, and a ripe new rumor says September 27th is AT&T Mango Day. According to WPCentral, citing internal emails,, AT&T customers will get Mango on the following handsets:

HTC Surround (SKU 65212)
LG Quantum (SKU 65205)
Samsung Focus (SKU 65203)

Unfortunately, things are a little complicated for the Focus—you might not get it based on how recent your hardware is, which will probably piss off and confuse a lot of people who don't know what a hardware revision number is, don't give a shit, and just want an updated OS like everyone else. Well, tough, it appears. But for the rest, the 27th might prove to be a very, very exciting day. As far as phone OS updates go. [WPCentral]



how to check 1.3 or 1.4 for Samsung Focus? Turn off the phone and look under the battery. It should say Rev. 1.3 or Rev. 1.4 which leads to my next nerdgasm and nerdrage!! Yes! I got 1.3. And Nooooooooooo I have an older Samsung Focus phone!! And I did pay 199.00 on the day 1.

And I do love my WP7.