AT&T Tilt Gets Further Specs, Price, Launch Frame

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The AT&T Tilt (also known as HTC Kaiser or AT&T 8925) has further firmed up for a September launch by way of a few leaked details from AT&T. The phone will be $349 with a two-year voice and data plan, push-to-talk, Wi-Fi, 2.8-inch tilting screen, push email, Microsoft Office for WM6, as well as AT&T Mobile Music and Media Net. There will be two versions, the 8925 with camera and the 8900 without camera, but both of them will be sans front video cam, even though AT&T's Video Share video calling service is live. There should be a formal announcement on this soon. [Boy Genius]


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It should be call the AT&T Tit, cause when I see this thing, I think of suck. I wonder how much the executive staff at AT&T get a month for SSI payments for their mental handicaps. What are they thinking?

"Hey guys, we're the only tel-com that offers the iPhone, and it's now at a lower price. Any ideas on what we have planned next?"

"Yes, we thought we could offer a product like the iPhone, except, it'll be ten times worse. Using technology from 2003, and looking like it came from 1999. Then, on top of all that sucktitude, we'll charge our locked in customers the same crappy amount for our really crappy service. Also, if those customers don't choose to go with our plan, we'll charge the the same amount the iPhone was, you know the product that is better, and the price that everyone complained about."

"Great idea, get the ball rolling on that."