AT&T Trying to Keep iPhone Exclusive Until 2011

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The WSJ reports that AT&T is talking to Apple rightthissecond about extending its exclusive iPhone deal until 2011. If you're wondering why they need to extend that "five year deal," here's a refresher. [WSJ]


Finally the truth comes out about this "5 year deal" that everyone has been taking as gospel. The truth is it was always less than that, or filled with caveats, and the media reports were pure bullshit (or "intentionally leaked" by AT&T to get more people to bite the bullet and switch networks rather than wait). In any case, this current "extension" would be the second one now. In the end, I'm pretty confident that the iPhone will remain AT&T exclusive for a while yet, because AT&T is still handing over sachels of cash to Apple each year, and that's exactly what Apple has been aiming for. Going to Verizon is probably always the threat, and I bet Apple has had a polished CDMA prototype since Day 1.