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AT&T has started up a new division solely tasked with devising internet-connected gadgets—instant upload digital cameras, web-enabled dog collars that'll tell you where your pooch is at all times, in-car iTunes, and maybe even a few that are maximum risque. AT&T won't actually be making any of this constantly connected hotness though. Nope, they're going to let the Sonys and Nikons of the world keep doing their thing, they're just going to push them to embed stuff with access to AT&T's network. Obviously, that dumps money directly into AT&T's wallet with every internet-embedded device—important for the carrier (all of them, really) since their best (maybe only) way to grow going forward is with increased data revenues. Also, anything with AT&T's 3G obviously won't work with Verizon, at least until 4G becomes a reality and they're both on the same type of network. And hell, it might take that long to get the devices out there—at least a year before you can track where your dog absconds to in order to lick his ass in private. Hopefully they'll have a multi-connection, one-bill plan in place before then, and you know, a network that can actually handle all of that bandwidth. [NYT]


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