AT&T's SIM-Only Option Loosens the Shackles

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AT&T has begun to offer a new SIM-only service via their online store. For $25$5 ($10, minus a $5 online discount), new customers are able purchase a SIM card on the AT&T network, without receiving a new handset. It appears you are then free to use the SIM card with unlocked handsets and AT&T locked cellphones. Unfortunately, the two year contract still stands, with the exception of the pre-paid options. UPDATE: Two year contract does not stand and there is no early termination fee. AT&T has told us the price is $25 or less, according to promotions. And this has been around for years, so this is not news.


It is a nice touch, for that we salute you, AT&T. However, it is possible to get a shitty new phone for free with a two year contract, and then prostitute your SIM card around as you please. So, you know, it is a positive symbolic move at best, but we're still wanting more freeness. [AT&T via BGR]



Can I use such a SIM with an iPhone and pre-paid? When I upgrade the firmware of my iPhone to 1.1.3 with this SIM in it (and a pre-paid plan), will it accept it?