AT&T's Wi-Fi Hot Spot Auto-Authentication Is Free for iPhone 3.0 Users

According to AT&T, iPhone 3.0 users with qualified plans will be able to seamlessly switch from the 3G network to AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots automatically without being prompted for authentication first. [AT&T via YouTube via Engadget]


Duane Llave

thank freaking GOD!

When I had the first iPhone i had to buy a starbucks giftcard, make sure i use it just to be able to get online on a daily basis.

Now everyday i had to type in my phone number, get a freaking message, click on the link and then wait for it load up, and if my phone goes to sleep i have to go back to the text message and then click on the link again.

I have been waiting for this for so long, as long as i don't have to type my number in every day and the wifi spot can recognize me anytime then i'm fine.