ATI CableCARD Problems Fixed, CableLabs Holding Up Process

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Remember when we told you that CableCARD Vista Media Centers were being delayed thanks to problems with CableCARD? Well, turns out there were some bugs on the tuners when switching between analog and digital on some Scientific Atlanta networks. But here's some new info:


Before the bug was found and the whole shipment processs stopped, a small amount of tuners were already given to Velocity Micro, which allowed them to be first out the gate with a handful of CableCARD tuner PCs. So some people are already in HD heaven.

However, the bug on ATI's side has been fixed already (it was a very minor one), and the only reason you can't get a HTPC with CableCARD tuner support right now is because CableLabs—the guys who made the tech—has a five-week certification process. So it looks like late April/early May still.

ATI stops shipping CableCARD tuners due to bugs, will resume soon [Engadget]



What about Direct TV or Dish Network? Are they getting in on any of this Media Center action?