Attack On Titan's popularity knows no bounds - both in the US and Japan the manga is tearing up sales charts, and that of course means there is merchandise out the wazoo. But you know something's really made it when it started being slapped all over... Water Coolers. Wait, what?

Japanese Water Cooler manufacturer Aqua Clear is now offering Attack on Titan-themed designs for its series of dispensers - to go with their previous Evangelion covers, because of course, there is nothing in the world that has yet to get someEvangelion art put on it and sold to fans - to rent out for people and work places that are both fans of the anime/manga smash hit and hydration. I'm willing to bet that is a lot of people!

To celebrate the promotion, Aqua Clear are running a sweepstakes for anyone who buys one of the dispenser covers featuring the likes of Mikasa, Levi, Armin and the Rogue Titan racing around carrying barrels of water like their very lives depended on it (which, actually, is probably true considering the fact I bet clean water is super-important to the last remnants of Human society) featuring some actually pretty nifty prizes that offer something a bit more than anime-themed Water coolers for fans.

The main prize is a 1:1 replica of the 3D maneuver gear from the series, constructed under the alleged supervision of series creator Hajime Isayama himself, which honestly looks a lot more impressive than a water cooler.


Runners up get a special action figure of Levi... sitting in a chair?

This is apparently a thing in Japan, where you can get multiple fancy figures of Levi sitting in various chairs in various outfits. Suited Levi in a chair? Uniformed Levi in a chair? Chairs and Levis for all! I kind of love it, but I think I'll admire from a distance before I start looking at several scales of chairs in which to pose my cavalcade of action figures in.


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