Illustration for article titled Audio-Technica BoogieBox Speaker Handles the Heaviest of Metals

There's no shortage of cutesy portable speakers for listening to music when you're out and about. But if you want something that doesn't feel like it's going to snap in two, the Audio-Technica BoogieBox will do you a solid.


The BoogieBox houses two 70mm speakers in its toolbox body and includes protective bumpers in case your sweaty paw can't keep a grip on its handle.

It has a stereo mini-jack plug so you can play music from whatever device you've got with you and claims a 10 hour battery life. If you're using the BoogieBox to provide a soundtrack for your day at the beach, apparently you'll want to turn in for the day before it does.


Hopefully its sound is as solid as its design; the BoogieBox can be had in red, black, or camouflage for $160 at AudioCubes [AudioCubes via Uncrate]

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