Audiocron Audible Clock, the Faceless Alarm for Counters

If you don't feel like opening your eyes in the morning, or if you're blind, you'll love this $25 Audiochron Audible Clock, a faceless timepiece that plays charming bell sounds instead of showing you what time it is. You can set it to chime on the hour or half hour, or it will just start its little binging and bonging (heh heh, he said bonging) every time you touch it, making one sound for the hours and another for the minutes.

That could mean hearing a lot of noises, and counting, not bad if you're someone who likes to count crows on a clothesline. Take the jump to see a video of this 5-inch clock that looks like a doorknob singing its lovely song, which is quite pleasant at first but might turn into a nightmare after about a week.


This must be a real bitch to set. Couldn't they have just put a little LED face on it, too?

Product Page [Think Geek, via Oh Gizmo]

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