Audiophile's 20,000-Watt Home Sound Studio Took 48 Years to Build

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How long did it take you to set up your audio system? Dick Burwen's been at his for 48 years—and he still isn't finished.


According to the biography on Burwen's site, the chap has been interested in audio since the age of eight, going on to work at several audio companies over the years, where he designed amplifiers and other hi-fi products, plus circuits for aircrafts, cars and medical instruments . His biggest-ever project is much closer to home however, and doesn't look likely to be finished any time soon. You know how perfectionists are.

After retiring in 2002, Burwen started investing 60 hours a week on developing his sound system, including the digital audio software which he's named Audio Splendor. Remastering all his recordings from the past 30 years has no doubt taken up a lot of that time.

In the picture above, taken of his sound studio, you can see three of his five speaker horns, with the left-rear one containing a Lowry organ (used as a sound diffuser), and the right-rear horn including a Steinway B piano, over 120 years old.

The full story about Dick Burwen's sound studio can be read on his site, along with more photos of his set-up. Being a bit of a perfectionist myself, Burwen's audio odyssey is something that warms the cockles of my heart. There should be a support group for people afflicted with decade-spanning obsessions—or at least an annual award. [Dick Burwen via Unplggd]


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