Australia is the First Country to Get Tesla's Powerwall Battery

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That’s right, Tesla’s much talked about Powerwall — the battery that can power your entire house — will be available in the Australian market from late this year. Tesla, the company best known for its Model S electric sedan, is launching Tesla Energy in Australia, which will bring products including both the residential Powerwall and the industrial scaled Powerpack to our shores.

Tesla Energy expands on Tesla Motors’ efforts to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. That’s right – Tesla wants the world to use more clean, renewable energy, and the release of their Powerwall technology could easily see a spike in the number of Australian households utilising solar power. Similar to the battery in the Model S, the Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, only this one can be mounted on the wall of your house.

For those with solar panels already installed, it can store the excess energy being collected, allowing you to theoretically disconnect from the grid entirely. It can also allow users to utilise their own stored power at night, rather than losing out with the current electricity rates and feed-in-tariff system.

Illustration for article titled Australia is the First Country to Get Tesla's Powerwall Battery

The standard model being plugged by Tesla — for the average household — is the 7kWh Powerwall. Tesla Energy will also be supplying 10kWh Powerwalls however, along with the commercial and utility scale Powerpack, which groups powerful 100kWh battery blocks for anywhere from 500kWh to upwards of 10MWh.

We’ll be looking out for more from Tesla in the coming weeks as they provide more information on the Powerwall’s availability and pricing in Australia. There is, apparently, a ‘growing list’ of Tesla Energy partners in Australia who will be able to help you get your hands on one of these super-powered batteries for your house, although no companies have yet been named.

With blocks to the acceptance of solar power — like our former Prime Minister — recently being removed, could this signal a move towards wider adoption of renewable energy in Australia? Maybe we truly are witnessing the beginning of the end for fossil fuels.


This article was originally published on Gizmodo Australia, which is gobbling up the news down under.


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“Clean Energy” if you don’t take into account what it takes to mine, refine and transport everything needed to make those batteries. And the fact that they are very expensive to recycle and process. But after all that? Yea they are saving the world.