Just because World War II ended some 67 years ago, doesn't mean you shouldn't keep one eye on the sky for air raids with a pair of authentic German flak binoculars. You can just never be too sure.

They were originally used atop tall concrete towers in cities like Berlin, Vienna, and Hamburg to spot incoming Allied bombers and to help direct anti-aircraft fire. A set of 80 millimeter lenses provided a wide field of view, while the viewfinders were angled at 45 degrees using prisms which made it easier to watch the skies.


This pair has been refurbished, which is why it looks so shiny and new. But it saw service at some point during the war, so it's not surprising that it comes with a $15,000 price tag. Including, I might point out, a lovely set of tripod legs so you don't have to hang 14 pounds of aluminum and glass around your neck. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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