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Auto Paper Towel Dispenser Keeps Germs Off Your Lazy, Lazy Hands

Illustration for article titled Auto Paper Towel Dispenser Keeps Germs Off Your Lazy, Lazy Hands

Is there a worse combination than being cripplingly lazy and a total germophobe? You live in fear of situations like when you drop your sandwich on the floor, don't want to eat it, but just can't handle the thought of going through the effort of making another one. My God, your life is a constant struggle.


Well, this automatic paper towel dispenser should make your life at least a little easier. It'll hand you paper towels automatically without you touching it, which will appeal to your lazy self as well as the part of you that worries that germs are coating the dispenser. $66 might seem a lot for a simple device such as this, but it's cheaper than a psychiatrist.

Product Page [via Crave]

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Why why why do people feel the need to invent things like this? Is it really that hard to grab a bit of paper and pull it so it tears off the roll? I mean you would still have to grab the paper when this thing dispenses it anyway - you're halfway there!

I suppose, they said that about remote controls for TV's when they came in though too didn't they?