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Similar to the USRobotics USR9630 Skype phone we reviewed yesterday, the Auvi PHIP64 Skype phone uses DECT to connect your handset to the base station, which then connects to your PC via USB to give you wireless Skype calling. Like the USRobotics phone, this has both landline and Skype, along with an LCD display, caller ID, speakerphone, and Skype contact list. In fact, we're pretty sure the feature set is so similar, that they've got more than just a little bit in common.


This Auvi is $129 and will have additional handsets (up to four) available in November for $79 each. All in all, this seems like yet another Skype DECT phone that's, for better or worse, indistinguishable from the competition.

Press Release [PR Newswire via Crunchgear]

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