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Avatar Toys Bring Pandora's Players Into Focus

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Mattel's line of Avatar toys is now available for preorder, and the descriptions on the packaging tell us a great deal more about the Na'Vi, the RDA forces, and the creatures that inhabit Pandora. Spoilers below.

We've seen several of these toys before, including the Thanator, Direhorse, RDA Grinder, and AMP Suit. But the package descriptions reveal a bit more about the characters and their motivation, as well as the capabilities of Pandora's animal life and the RDA's war machines. There's definitely a violence-happy vibe coming from at least this set of RDA marines, but details on the male Na'Vi are a bit more vague, aside from the fact they're warriors.

The toys are currently available for preorder at several vendors, including Toys"R"Us and Amazon.


Thanks to MissMercyStreet for the tip.



Along with his wife, Mo'at, Eytukan is responsible for the safety and well-being of the Omaticaya clan. He oversees the training of all warriors and hunters and is a key figure in many Na'vi ceremonies and rituals. He is the father of Neytiri.
Clan position: Olo'eyctan or "male clan leader".
Skills: Construction of weapons. Hunter, mentor, strategist, leader of various rituals.



This respected Na'vi hunter and warrior for the Omaticaya is famed among various Na'vi clans for his bow work atop a banshee. His surliness does not detract from his profound courage and natural leadership.
Clan Position: Lead warrior and hunter. Apprentice Olo'eyctan or "male clan leader."
Skills: Hunting. Expertise in all manner of Na'vi weaponry, including challenge weapon. Masterful direhorse and banshee rider.



This graceful, fierce and intelligent member of the Omaticaya clan is rightfully wary of humans. Yet Neytiri has become an unlikely ambassador to the earthly colonists on Pandora.
Clan Position: Daughter of Omaticaya clan leaders Eytukan and Mo'at. Clan leader in-waiting.
Skills: Mastery of most Na'vi weapons, including various bows, spears, bolas and knives. Banshee and direhorse rider. Hunter. Proficiency in English.


Jake Sully

Sully is a young, former marine who has lost the use of his legs in combat. He accepts a remarkable offer to join a team of scientists on a moon some 4.5 light years from Earth.


Avatar Jake Sully

Embodying his blue, nine-foot tall avatar body, Jake is able to walk for the first time in years. During sorties from Hell's Gate to the Pandoran rainforest and Hometree, he gains respect for the Na'vi and discovers the beauty and danger of an alien world.
Profession: Member of RDA's Avatar Program, based out of Hell's Gate
Skills: Former marine with combat training, including military tactics and strategy. Natural leadership ability. In avatar body, he has remarkable strength, agility and acute senses.


Colonel Miles Quaritch

This ramrod straight, lifelong soldier will do everything in his power to complete his mission. Col. Quaritch's current goal is to secure unobtanium for the RDA - at any cost.
Profession: Military contractor who serves as RDA's head of security on Pandora.
Skills: Expertise in military tactics and strategy, hand-to-hand combat, myriad weapons systems. Piloting of AMP suit, Dragon and Scorpion gunships.


Corporal Lyle Wainfleet

He will fight for any cause as long as he's paid. Corporal Wainfleet is a brutal mercenary who lives by the credo "might makes right." Wainfleet has nothing but contempt for Pandora and the Na'vi.
Profession: Private contractor for RDA security forces on Pandora.
Skills: Advanced military training, including proficiency with various weapons systems and AMP suit.


Private Sean Fike

This former marine doesn't need a cause to fight for, only an opponent who is a worthy challenger. Private Fike is a ballistics expert and is also lethal in Brazilian jujitsu.
Profession: Private contractor for RDA security forces on Pandora
Skills: Combat training, champion marksman, stealth reconnaissance, hand-to-hand combat, expertise in RDA weapons systems


AMP Suit

Official Name: MK-6 Armored Mobility Platform
Function: Ambulatory hydraulic armored weapons platform for military and civilian operations in hostile and toxic environments
Field Names: AMP suit, "Iron Lady"
Size and Weight: Thirteen feet in height, six feet wide.
Features: GPS. Cockpit commands are verbally activated, coded to operator's voiceprint pattern. Thermal imaging display screens.
Weaponry: Hip-mounted and detachable GAU-90 thirty millimeter cannon, optional flamethrower, slashing blade, knife
Figure sold separately.



Na'vi Name: Pa'li
Scientific Name: Equidirus hoplites or "feared armored horse"
Description: Six legs, armor-like skin over shoulders and along the back of the neck and head. Moth-like antennae that act as neural interface. Over thirteen feet high. Domesticated by the Na'vi as a fast riding animal. Usually gentle, but fierce in battle.
Habitat: Rainforests and grasslands.
Feeding Ecology: Herbivore that feeds on grass, tree bark, shrubs and pollen from plants


Jake's Banshee

Common Name: Mountain Banshee
Na'vi Name: Ikran
Scientific Name: Pterodactylus gigantis or "giant pterodactyl"
Habitat: Mountainous regions of Pandora, including Floating Mountains
Description: Large aerial predator. Leathery wings stretched tight. Large jaws can disengage. Teeth are black and extremely sharp. Na'vi can link to some banshees to create lifelong bond. Ridden during hunting, battle.
Feeding Ecology: Carnivore


RDA Grinder

Function: ATV-like vehicle travels quickly over the rough and uneven terrain of Pandora for support during military operations
Features: Low armor, high speed and maneuverability
Weaponry: Long range, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, chain gun mounted on the front for medium to short range encounters



Na'vi Name: Palulukan or "Dry Mouth Bringer of Fear"
Scientific Name: Bestiapanthera ferox or "fierce panther beast"
Habitat: Rainforest
Description: Most feared of all Pandoran land creatures. Massive distensible armored jaw. Fangs are nine inches long. Upper lips fold back for maximum tooth extension. Reaches over eighteen feet long, over eight feet in height.
Feeding Ecology: Apex land predator. Omnivore with preference for nocturnal hunting.