Chemical reactions that look like sorcery

This is not a video trick. A person pours a transparent liquid and, suddenly, it turns black. It's the magic of chemistry, Mr. White. The reaction above is called the iodine clock reaction, which is a classic demonstration of chemical kinetics. But there are others, more complex and cooler than this.


The Belousov-Zhabotinsky oscillating reaction

Watch the full video here.

The Briggs–Rauscher oscillating reaction

Watch the full video here.

Iodine clock reaction

Open a portal to hell and summon a demon reaction*


Watch the full video here.

*Anyone knows how this one is technically called?

Got any other favorite reaction? Post it in the comments.

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Ammonium dichromate volcano erupting with a couple mercury thiocyanate tablets hidden inside. Mercury thiocyanate is commonly sold as those "Pharoah's snake" fireworks.