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Awesome computer software magically turns Star Wars quotes into GIFs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you ever, for a second, wondered questions like what's the purpose of life or why the Internet exists or what are you going to eat for lunch today, the answer is simply this magical software tool created by GitHub user LindseyB. It automatically turns any Star Wars quote into an animated GIF, complete with caption of said quote.

The starwars-dot-gif project is hosted on GitHub and the instructions on how to use it are pretty simple if you know your way around a few lines of code. And if you don't, this is as good a reason to learn as any. After you get the script all set up like how LindseyB says you should, just search for any sort of dialogue from the Star Wars movies, select which scene you want to turn into an animated GIF and then let the software do its magic. It'll spit out the perfectly packaged frames for you.


It's beautiful. It's why we go through life. It's why the Internet exists. It's what you're going to do on your lunch break from now on.