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Awesome Dual Format Disc Player Imminent, Format War Only Theoretical Now?

Illustration for article titled Awesome Dual Format Disc Player Imminent, Format War Only Theoretical Now?

Did you hear? The Samsung BD-UP5000 is coming with full HD DVD and Blu-ray support, including the best in class profile 1.1 support for picture in picture, etc. for BD. At $1000, it isn't cheap. But you'll avoid the ugly situation of having to choose between a disc player that plays Casino Royale (BD) or Transformers (HD DVD). This is the first HD disc player we can recommend wholeheartedly from a feature standpoint, but of course, it's not that simple. I'm sure some of you will want to opt for the other choices. Maybe you want a game console with HD disc playback, or don't have an HDTV yet. Maybe you're interested but are waiting for the price points to drop on players. Thoughts? [How To Comment]


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Broken Machine

I'm actually interested in this player, but not at this price. At $6000, I would purchase in a heartbeat. I will not buy a nextgen DVD player until the format wars are over, or until a combo player of quality is affordable.

Having one unit do all is a huge plus - Having two units is too damn complicated with remotes, wires, and which disc goes where. My fiance is already intimdated by the receiver switching A/V inputs. I'd pay a premium for that, even more than two individual set-top players.