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Awesome Mod: $550 20GB Asus Eee PC

Illustration for article titled Awesome Mod: $550 20GB Asus Eee PC

This is the best Eee PC mod we've seen yet—and it pretty much slays the $499 Eee PC 8G, which has just eight gigs of storage. EeeUser forum member Johnx took the guts of a $140 16GB Corsair Flash Voyager (and a Bluetooth unit) and ran them off of USB connections from the Mini PCIe ports to make a 20GB, Bluetooth-capable mutant beast of an Eee that's also easily upgradeable. Given that one of the parts is a "Healthy fear of turning your Eee into steaming pile of burnt PCB," the mod's not for the weak of heart or miserable failures at Operation. [EeeUser, Thanks Tim!]


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poisonfist is nipponese

I'd say tnkgirl's mod is a bit more thoughtful as she located the bluetooth dongle in relation to the case with no shielding and thus probably has better range than this mod. I did a similar mod of adding a tiny hub to accommodate a usb wifi dongle and a bluetooth dongle internally in my Sony VAIO picturebook of yore. My bluetooth range is horrible because I did not think things through. I hate having my stereo bluetooth headset cutting off after just walking a few steps away from my computer.