Awesome Star Wars Fan Film Imagines an Empire That Never Stopped Fighting After Return of the Jedi

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Like how some soldiers never stop fighting a war well after it’s ended, this short film Call of the Empire, by Trevor Kerr, imagines a world where remnants of the defeated Empire are still waging war against the Rebels after the Battle of Endor. It’s like seeing a glimpse of what might have happened in a galaxy far, far away, a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi.

It’s an interesting concept that has obvious parallels to real life (Japanese soldiers fighting WWII after Japan surrendered). You can easily imagine these soldiers from the Imperial Army still fighting the Rebels because they were cut off from communication with the Imperial High Command, or because they still believed in their cause, or even because they thought a Rebel victory was Rebel propaganda.

The visuals are spectacular, and the dogfight scene is so cool that I wish we could stay in the world this short paints just a bit longer.