Baby Jacuzzi Is a Great Way To Relax After a Long Day Of Napping

If you thought it was stressful being a new parent, imagine what it's like for a baby who's been thrust into the world after spending nine months in solitary confinement. But a few minutes in the MagicBath baby whirlpool every day should calm their nerves.

At just under $3,200 it's a little more expensive than just using your kitchen sink for baths—which probably came free with your home—but does your sink provide soft relaxing jets of bubbles? We didn't think so. And does it have a set of colored LEDs on the bottom for soothing chromatherapy sessions? No it does not. Sure, your kid will probably outgrow this tub in a year, but if you're going to spoil them, you might as well start when they're too young to remember your generosity right?


[BluBleu via Klat]

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