Back of the Box - 10/19/2014

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What a week, what a week. Let's have a chat, and take a look back at the highs and lows of the past 7 days on Toybox.


This week's been a tough one, but a crazy one, and one with big highs and lows - let's kick off with the low though. Tuesday was the worst day for Toybox since its inception, and also has the record of being the only day the site has slipped under the necessary 10k US people a day that keeps the site afloat as per the Recruits program. Huge bummer. But then it got better! Thursday on the other hand, was the best day on Toybox so far by a long shot - and I think you might know why. Apparently people love themselves some Palpatine, because that story skyrocketed to bring Toybox it's most read post ever, with almost 232,000 views as of writing. To put it into perspective, the previous record holder had roughly 127,000. Holy crap. It's Sunday and I'm still baffled! The week of polar opposites ended with Toybox currently sitting on a hefty average of 592k US people - a phenomenal result.

But it wasn't just Star Wars naming conventions we looked at this week - there was a heavy undercurrent of Comic book discussion in light of some big movie news hitting as well, as we looked back at the optimism of NYCC, took a concerned look at Marvel's Civil War movie adaptation, and saw a few ways in which DC could capitalise on it's recently revealed cinematic universe. We saw awesome art inspired by Star Wars and Ghostbusters, incredible looking toys and merchandise, and even some Pumpkins shaped like Frankenstein's monster. Let's look back, shall we?

The Best of The Best

A veritable handful of Toybox's features and biggest stories of the week.

And The Best of The Rest

Not every Toybox story gets to grace the front pages of io9. Here's a few things you might have missed.

The only way to get it all though? Keep your eyes on Toybox.

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I'm glad you're getting the views, James. I'm really enjoying this blog.