Backpack Flash Turns You Into a One-Person Photography Studio

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It's hard for clients to understand why photographers charge so much for photos. So if you find yourself in the same situation as Ian Spanier—who was hired for a shoot with no money for an assistant—you too can build this impressive looking backpack studio flash rig.

The getup starts with a sturdy LowePro backpack designed for bird watchers carrying a large tripod into the wilderness. But since Ian needed to be able to shoot handheld with lots of freedom of movement, he instead filled the pack with a rechargeable battery powering a Canon flash unit, the necessary framing and mounts to position the diffuser dome about five inches above his head, and of course wireless receivers so the flash could be triggered without annoying cables tethered to his camera.


Despite looking just a bit nerdy, the rig worked perfectly for Ian's shoot, even allowing him to adjust and position the flash exactly where he needed it just by twisting his body. With all that weight on his back there's the chance the rig could shorten how long he's able to work on a shoot, but the money he saved working without an assistant might just make it worth it. [Ian Spanier Photography via PetaPixel]