Illustration for article titled Bacteria is Nibbling Away at the Titanics Carcass

Always wanted to see the remains of the Titanic, 3.8km below the surface? You better start making travel arrangements, because this never-seen-before bacteria "rusticles" are eating away at the ship.

An iceberg may've knocked the ship from the surface back in 1912, killing 1,517 people, but it's now this bacteria which is finishing it off for good. It's been named Halomonas Titanicae, thanks to its prey, and while it's obviously causing damage to a very important historical artefact, scientists believe that the bacteria could be used in recycling. "This could be useful in the disposal of old naval and merchant ships and oil rigs that have been cleaned of toxins and oil-based products and then sunk in the deep ocean," said researchers from the Dalhousie university in Canada. [The Guardian]


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