Crowdsourced carmaker Local Motors, makers of the 100 percent bonkers Rally Fighter you see above, just teamed up with GE Appliances, maker of... appliances. Clearly, your kitchen is about to get way more badass.

The partnership, called Firstbuild, will pair GE's deep R&D pockets and juggernaut status in the appliance world with Local Motors' active trove of crowd designers and super swift prototyping microfactory. It's similar to GE's Quirky collaboration, another pairing focused on bringing fast, ingenious innovation to common products that's already netting results.

Gizmodo got to tour Local Motors' super-cool microfactory in Las Vegas earlier this year, and it's safe to say it was far more awesome than your average appliance shop. I'll take my fridge with some big ol' shock absorbers and gnarly tires, thanks. [GE, Firstbuild via Core77]