Banokia Banana-Shaped Cellphone Handsfree: Why Is This Real?

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Nearest I can tell, this banana-shaped handsfree handset is real. Dubbed the Banokia (!) by creator Mockia, it works with different brands of cellphones using one of four connectors. Now then, what does it do other than hook up to your cellphone? Well, it makes you look like a total ass for starters. Imagine the sight: a man walking down the street talking into a banana. Madness! Next thing you know, women will be demanding the right to vote and all sorts of silly things. Mockia has other wacky headsets, too, including one that looks like the hilariously large portable phones from the 1980s. I can think of no better way to spend $25.

Product Page [Mockia via Mad 4 Mobile Phones]