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Barbara Walters Wishes Edward James Olmos Had Played Picard

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today on The View, Barbara Walters scolded Edward James Olmos for turning down the role of Captain Picard. And he showed a new BSG clip.

Looks like somebody is ready to give up on her crazy pill treatment. Oh, Roslin and Adama are totally like Romeo and Juliet — but not at all. As The View continued, and Barbara Walters waxed lyrical about how she used to be a robot, they couldn't let Olmos leave with out making him feel guilty about something — because, after all, this is The View , your epicenter of womanly guilt-heaping.

So Walters cut into him about turning down the role of Jean-Luc Picard for Star Trek: The Next Generation, not because it would have been a good career move or something, but because he didn't get the chance to work with Whoopi Goldberg... riiiiight. Walters then made EJO awkwardly apologize for not taking the role. Sure it was all teasing fun and games, but it was weird for both Whoops and Olmos.


Thanks for the clip guys — the BSG 4.5 season premiere is this Friday on the Sci Fi Channel