Barry and Iris Meet Their Future Daughter in the Trailer for The Flash Season 5

Nora gets settled into her past in The Flash’s next season.
Nora gets settled into her past in The Flash’s next season.
Image: The CW

The last season of The Flash concluded with one hell of a shocker: the mysterious future girl who had been cropping up all season was actually Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’ future child. And now Team Flash has a yet another mess of time travel shenanigans to deal with.


The first trailer for season five, revealed at the CW’s Comic-Con panel today, gives us a bit more of Barry and Iris’ reaction to their future literally showing up on their doorstep, as well as a few more indications of just why Nora thinks it’s been such a big mistake to come back to her past—which she’s now stuck in. As Barry says, she could Marty McFly herself out of existence! But hey, at least she brought along Barry’s famous suit-deploying ring from the comics to use.

But we also get a few more hints as to just who the big villain of the season could be now that the Thinker is finally out of the picture at the panel: it was announced that Chris Klein will be joining the cast as David Hersch, a.k.a. Cicada—a villain from the comics with the ability to steal the life force from his opponents, who starts a bizarre cult of followers dedicated to murdering anyone the Flash has saved in his superhero career with lightning bolt-shaped daggers. In the show, however, Cicada will be a blue collar worker who wants to take vengeance on metahumans at large after his family is ripped apart by tragedy.

Hopefully, The Flash can keep up the pace after a few dodgy moments last season. We won’t have to wait too long to find out—season 5 is set to begin airing on the CW this October.

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“You made a huge mistake and messed up the timeline? That’s my girl.”