Bathroom Mirror TV: No, That Sexy Guy Is Not You

Fresh from CeBIT: here is a mirror that doubles as a television display (or the other way around) that's been designed for the moist, stenchy environment of your bathroom.


It's by ad notam, a company famous/notorious for sticking TVs everywhere in your home ala The Future. While we've seen similar items before from companies like Smarthome, this new display looks like it's thin enough to replace your current setup with little modification (just a lot of money).

So why is this mirror a horrible idea? Because the last thing my unshaven, morning-mouth self needs is that boost of confidence every time I see Orlando Bloom.

Bathroom Mirror TV [slashgear]
ad notam


My sister and brother-in-law installed a 2-way mirror in their master bathroom. They have a closet behind the wall, so they installed a small TV in the closet. When it's on the TV screen is easily viewable; when it's not, it looks like a normal mirror.