Batman Doesn't Just Walk Down A Corridor: 33 New Dark Knight Pics

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Batman knows the best way to get through those drab institutional corridors - in his screaming Batpod, sparks flying and linoleum burning. This is just one of 33 new photos from July's The Dark Knight that came out today, and others include some nice looks at Harvey Dent and the Joker, and a tiny spoiler about Maggie Gyllenhaal. Plus there are some more new TDK spoilers.

Take a look at that one picture of Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes, with the white background. It's the same wall as the room where the Joker is being held - does she help to interrogate the Joker when he's in custody?

Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News posted another early review of The Dark Knight. And there are some new details: Batman's crusade has inspired all of the honest Gotham City officials, but especially Harvey Dent, the white knight. The movie is really about Harvey's rise and fall. And in the end, it turns out that Harvey Dent's nickname at Internal Affairs used to be Harvey Two Face.


With the fall of Falcone, the city's crime empire is now run by Salvatore Maroni (Eric Roberts) but there are rival crime lords. Batman's arrival has made it harder for the crime syndicates to cooperate. And Dent wants to bring RICO charges against the main criminals, but he needs Batman's help. So Batman goes to Hong Kong to bring in the mob's accountant. That's the first third of the movie.

There's no Batcave, although Alfred mentions he's looking forward to it being "finished." Instead, Bruce has a sweet penthouse apartment, and an underground lair under the docks.


The second third of the movie deals with capturing the Joker, who's been making terrible threats on national TV (and following through on them.) Oh, and the Scarecrow only has a minor role in the film. [ and AintItCoolNews]