When you're late for work and the subway is packed full of meandering commuters, you don't have time to politely push your way through the crowds. You need to use the snowplow approach to get everyone out of your way, and this Captain America shield prop replica is obviously the perfect tool for the job.

At 24-inches in diameter the shield is the exact same size as the one Captain America used in The Avengers movie because it was actually created using the same molds as the movie props. But instead of vibranium, it's made from fiberglass and aluminum (with genuine leather straps for the handles) to ensure it's durable but still looks indestructible. Only 1,500 of the replicas are being made, which helps explain a price tag just shy of $1,100. Unfortunately no one ever said saving the world, or forcing your way onto a packed subway car, was going to be cheap. [Forbidden Planet via GeekAlerts]

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