Battlestarbook Tells The Tale Of BSG, Facebook-Style

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ZOMG, did you see what Starbuck changed her status to? Oh and I'm sick of Apollo's self righteous notes. Wanna know how Battlestar Galactica would read if it was told via Facebook? Check it out.

It's only a matter of time until all great stories are told through Facebook status updates, wall commentary and relationship hearts. But what if the surviving members of the human race from Caprica had Facebook aboard Battlestar Galactica.

Well if they did you can sure as hell bet that EVERYONE would have been talking about fat Lee (and you know he'd yell at his friends for tagging him in pics where he looked tubby.) And what about all the relationship statuses changing back and forth for Baltar and his harem? They'd need to get a multiple partner tag somehow.


Battlestar Book tells the BSG story through facebook feed, and it's hilarious.


The idea is from Tara Gelsomino, who says it's heavily inspired by DeeDee Baldwin's Austenbook. It's all pretty adorable. Quick, someone please do an Ubik Facebook, so I can read "dammit cigarettes stale again!" updates.