Be Batman: Batman Cowl Hoodie

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We usually don't cover fashion on Gizmodo—seriously, have you seen how we dress—but this Batman hoodie falls well within our scope. Probably the best hoodie since, well, the first hoodie, this Batman-inspired top lets you become Batman while you go about your business.

Well, either Batman or some sort of conspicuous ninja with a yellow logo on his chest. Either way, bad ASS, and will come out next season.

Batman Hoodie Leaked [via Boing Boing]

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This is extremely close to the LRG Skeleton hoodie made that sold out rediculously fast and now cant be purcahsed for under $100. I want that damn skeleton hoodie......

its featured in the Mr. Slow Flow - Evidence video which can be seen on youtube and the following links.

Mr. Slow Flow Video:


Hoodie referenced here:


It was produced for Graffiti artists alike to hide themselves while doing their late night work. Im sure its also been used in muggings.