Be Your Own Wireless Provider With Sonopia

Sonopia's idea is simple. They let you, Joe One-Pack, create your own wireless provider customized to your own liking. Then, with this provider (which is free, and you don't even need to sign up to use yourself) you can get your friends, family and coworkers to join up and pay you monthly fees for wireless coverage.

Once you sign up customers, Sonopia takes care of giving out phones, bills and providing customer service (the whole network sits on top of Verizon and Vodaphone). All you do is sit back and collect a portion of the monthly proceeds. The good part about this setup (other than you getting paid) is that you can customize plans to fit your customers. As of now, the setup is only good to get a handful of people to join up, not to create a business of your own.


Why let the real providers be the only ones to screw your family?

Product Page [Sonopia via Downloadsquad]

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