BeCell Motorless Vibrating Headphones

BeCell announced the VSG160G, a pair of headphones with a built-in, motorless vibration feature. The benefits of having violent jolts pressed against your ears are still suspect, but BeCell's bass vibration technology will see to it that you'll find out one way or another. The headphones are compatible with any device equipped with the proper inputs, so no need to worry about being pigeon-holed into some second rate BeCell Mega-Multimedia-Hub. One battery provides enough juice for 12 hours of playtime; no word on whether or not the battery explodes randomly.


Alas, no information regarding price or availability is known about the BeCell VSG160G, which isn't so big a deal once you consider that it's certainly not the only pair of headphones to offer vibration.

BeCell 160G Vibrating head phones for gaming [New Launches]

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