How to Extract Pure Silver From Shitty Fireworks

Are you an aspiring alchemist? Do you try to turn lead into gold? What about poppers into silver?


The poppers, or bang snaps as they are also called, contain trace amounts of silver fulminate, so Cody over at Cody’sLab on YouTube decided to try and extract it.

To do so, he bought around 5,000 poppers and ignited them. Then, by adding a little bit of distilled water and nitric acid to the gravel and ash residue, he was able to find some precious metals.


Granted, the amount he ended up with is minute compared to the amount of poppers he started off with, but this is a doable way to perform alchemy in your own backyard (and also taking some safety precautions along the way).


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Nope, sorry. These are illegal in NJ. I don’t want to get hauled in for posession.