Before and after pictures of the Philippines typhoon are heartbreaking

This is so sad. Satellite imagery has captured what the Philippines looked like before and after Typhoon Haiyan and it's absolutely tragic. Towns, homes, people's lives have just been completely decimated. There's nothing left. To see the total destruction from above like this is heartbreaking. One day everything is normal, the next everything is gone.


1,700 people have been confirmed dead from one of the strongest storms ever but that number is expected to rise. Some officials fear that it may even reach 10,000. Awful.

These pictures from Google and Digital Globe show the aftermath of the typhoon. There might be even more damage as some areas are covered by clouds. We might not know how bad it is until later.

You can donate to the Red Cross to help the Philippines here.




All those pics are from floodplain areas; I'd say that if you were willing to build on a flood plain then you should be prepared for the consequences when it floods, but that would be insensitive. I feel for the losses that they suffered, but they are relatively minor compared to the affected area population. These people refused to evacuate when warned.

On another note, the inclusion of the estimated 10,000 number of dead that was bandied about by the press in the past few days was irresponsible. Do journalists really need to make up numbers to sell their stories? I appreciate that you gave a nod to the actual confirmed number of missing people which is around 1700, but repeating the 10,000 number presented to the press in the interest of acquiring aid is sensationalism.