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Behold the Greatest 404 Error Page on the Entire Internet

Ah, shit! 404 error! This website is broken! I'm pissed! Someone fix this website! This is a pain! How do I find what I'm looking for! Argh! Oh wait, this is actually cooler than most other websites.


Instead of a simple HEY OUR CRAP ISN'T WORKING SORRY, THE WEBMASTER HATH BEEN DISPATCHED technical message or some kind of cheeky The internet elves are playing a practical joke today! :-p idiocy, foodie app site takes the notion of a downed page quite literally. Commando style. Machine guns. Jet flyovers. When the internet's in trouble, you call in the god damn special forces. [ via Laughing Squid]

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Awesome idea, loving it, but based on my experience in Modern Warfare 2, they are attacking in a very, very vulnerable position. Just saying.