Being Bad at Math Isn't Big or Clever

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Some of your friends probably revel in the fact they can't do math. In fact, it's weird how some people can be so proud about lacking a skill that's incredibly useful. Would they brag about not being able to cook? Or play guitar? Or write a wonderful sentence?


No. Of course they wouldn't. Being proud of not being able to do math is hateful inverse snobbery which makes no sense. So what if it's hard and takes years to master: math is the language of science, and I, for one, am glad I'm fluent. There, I said it. [xkcd]

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I will admit I enjoyed this comic but it misses the point. Does the ordinary person need to learn Calculus or pretty much anything beyond basic algebra? No. So why are you forcing them? Let Math be just the same as playing an instrument and allow those that want to learn it learn it and those that don't do something else with their time that WILL have an impact on what they want. This comic is comparing apples to oranges by comparing something a person is being forced to learn versus something a person chose to learn.

It is just like learning cursive in the 3rd grade. The time spent to learn something that has no impact on my life other than to sign my name could have been better spent teaching basic math or english.