Ben Heck's Portable Emulator

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Everyone's favorite game console mad mod genius, Ben Heck, has a new project, and it's something that you and I might actually get a chance to play with for a change. Instead of a one-off like the Xbox 360 Laptop, he's designing the case for the GamePort, a handheld emulator designed to play retro games.


So he's designed it for a reputable company rather than just for fun, so we should be able to buy it, right? Well… maybe. According to the GamePort site, "the company that would have distributed the GamePort in stores perished after legal problems. Several other options are being discussed, including selling directly online." Awesome. Not exactly something to fill us with confidence, but who knows, maybe it'll go up for sale at some point.

Product Page [via Ben Heck via Engadget]



It's gonna be tough to convince anyone to mass produce what will be seen solely as a copyright infringement tool... but it would be so nice to have. I could take with me all those "strange looking" games that my daughter noticed me playing on the home theater pc!!