BenQ and The Tale of The 1080p Monitor

We, kind of, sort of mentioned this BenQ monitor a few weeks ago, but a little bit of updated information never hurt anyone, especially since we're dealing with a world's first. The FP241W is a 24-inch LCD 1080p computer monitor complete with HDMI port, which, says BenQ, is the world's first such computer monitor. The 1,920x1,200 pixel resolution monitor was originally slated to come out in August, but delays have pushed the launch into September.


What makes the monitor's upcoming release even more exciting (who doesn't get excited over all things HD?) is that GPU manufacturers are just now starting to come out with graphics cards with HDMI outputs.

The FP241W is expected to retail for around $1,260.

BenQ readies 'world's first' HDMI monitor [The Register]


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