Benq C36 Cellphone Thinks it's a Webcam and Radio Recorder Too

Illustration for article titled Benq C36 Cellphone Thinks its a Webcam and Radio Recorder Too

Benq's new C36 cellphone is labelled a "Music Phone" but it also squeezes in a 1.3 megapixel webcam function and has a built-in FM radio with a recording function. This last even has a scheduling function, so you won't miss your shows. It plays MP3s, WAV, MIDI and AMR, has a 2-inch color LCD, built-in speakers, records voice notes, has microSD memory expansion and 180 hours standby and 2.4 hour talk time. The phone even has a "Health management" option, dealing with BMI and menstrual matters—we'd love to have been at the design meeting where they dreamed that up. The little 0.17-pound phone is available in blue, in Indonesia in May at first, with other countries to follow. No info on pricing. [Benq via TFTS]


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Menstrual matters? Is this the same kind of feature (it was on Giz some months back) that tells ladies when they are fertile? If it calls us to to tell us we have PMS we will just smash it against the wall anyway.....