BenQ Digital Camera Has Seriously High ISO Sensitivity

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The X835 digital camera from BenQ has an 8MP sensor, packs in a 3x optical zoom and can handle sensitivities of up to ISO 2000 during still image capture. The ISO sensitivity during video capture is set at a maximum of 6400. The addition of such functionality comes at a price; the noise in the captured images will probably be enough to cause an avalanche in the Alps from a 500 mile distance.


Most standard cameras have sensitivities of less than ISO 1600; an increase in the value allows better utilization of ambient light, foregoing the necessity for a flash in lower light conditions. The camera will also have a 2.5-inch LCD, 16MB internal memory and an SD/SDHC slot, with support for up to 4GB cards. Price and shipping dates are not available, but the camera will ship in red and black colors when it eventually does. [Macnn]

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Even noise reduction software would not help much. It does reduce those fancy red and greed dots but you will end up with crappy blurry image. I tried it on my girlfriend picture before and she thought it was a painting hahaha